Sunday, January 20, 2008

My New Beginning

An interesting ride so far, its been, at the new, my new project. "What a world we live in". As a 35+ mother, I hear myself now sounding like my own far too often (gaaaa!) with comments such as this.

I've spent the last three weeks spending every minute of my (ha!) free time learning about how to create a website, effectively. What a can of gargantuan worms. Never in a million years was I prepared for learning an entire new software, language, and culture. Granted, I've been out of the working world "outside" for about 5 years, but I don't even think my business background could have prepared me for this cybercrazy boxing ring.

My site will focus on helping overwhelmed moms, and preparing them for battle in an environment of hollering infants, unruly toddlers, and question-asking preschoolers - while also giving a great dinner recipe and an idea to get the house organized in the midst of chaos. Its fun, and I'm trying not to take myself so seriously.

Meantime, I'm not much of a creative writer, so this will be more like a rant until the skills improve. However, I'm excited about the endeavor I'm beginning for busy moms, and look forward to coming here to talk about the silly things that go on with young children.

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Chris said...


Just wanted to say hi! Your off and running. See around the net :)