Monday, March 3, 2008

Excessiveness Found Irritating to this Mommy!

Today's blog is really a rant. I'm not a big complainer, but there is something sticking in my craw lately.

My husband is in the construction business. We specialize in custom homes. While I don't like to bite off the hand that feeds me - I find the excessiveness in this country a bit nauseating.

Perhaps it's my values. While I appreciate nice things, and consider myself to have good taste - it seems that our country has gotten out of hand with what is "necessary" to have a new home. My mother was a product of the Great Depression, so her appreciation for what we have has probably rubbed off on me some.

My husband and I are accustomed to seeing places and people that have "more" than us. We work in homes in excess of 10,000 square feet on occasion (and that's another thing, who needs all those rooms?) But the past couple of years, while the economy is sliding down a slippery slope - people are still installing complete home theaters in their 8,000 sq. foot basements, crown moulding that is carved and 2 feet high, and futuristic keypads that have buttons for all sections of your home to be lit in the exact path you wish as you enter the garage (or you can push a remote button in your car a block away for this). Hey, I know this is cool. But is this really necessary?

And here's the one that gets me the most. Since I dabble in gourmet and provide recipes for a website (among other culinary adventures), I am in the kitchen every day for at least an hour, actively COOKING. While I agree, everyone should have a nice big kitchen if you can afford it, because that's where everyone loves to be. However, I find that a majority of people with larger homes are spending ridiculous amounts of money on features like sub-zero refrigerators, double ovens that are professional grade, and drawers for spices they've never even heard of. I can count at least five people I know that have kitchens such as these, and three of them specialize in carry-out food and reservations.

I want to know who told these people they needed to have this stuff. These are things that real cooks can use - but then again, real cooks don't need them. Maybe I'm bitter, or a bit envious. But I know one thing for sure.

This afternoon, I'll be putting my Ham & Cheese Souffle Omelet (click here for the recipe) to roast into my still-well-functioning oven from 1989 with a broken door. I'm just happy that it's self-cleaning.

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