Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Months, even years of interrupted sleepless nights - cause us to do things we never would have done before our children arrived. Here are a few of my confessions - can you relate? I'd like to hear about yours! Take the poll at the right sidebar, or shoot me some blog comments below!

1. Your child's sleeplessness, on more than one occasion, has qualified as a symptom requiring Benadryl.

2. You don't remember the skin color of your legs underneath all the hair.

3. You've brought your kids out in public with the same clothes on they wore the night or the day before.

4. You're latest hairdo is a ponytail and a baseball cap - and you're convinced this is perfectly chic.

5. You've played "possum" (pretended to be asleep) more than once when your hubby attempted advances on you in bed at night.

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